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Speaking of hated Christmas Tunes..... James Corden's foolishness redeems a song I typically loathe.  

Ahhhh, the hilarity of it all:

I disagree with the Christmas-come-early craze in America..... decor hitting the shelves after

Halloween and Santa songs blasting from store speakers before Thanksgiving.  I admit wholly to my curmudgeon-ish ways. I simply believe we should celebrate holidays in the order they appear in our calendars.

However, once words of thankfulness are gushed and my waistline regrets all the Thanksgiving overeating..... then I happily indulge in Christmas Tunes.

My indulgences have limits, however, because I systematically dislike songs about Santa being run over, reindeer making too much sound on the roof, moms kissing Santa, and generally obnoxious Kris Kringle based songs.

I do like songs about winter, snow, cold, cheer, family, and Jesus. Yes, I'm pretty "old school" in that I really enjoy Christmas Tunes that include celebration of Christ's birth.... since God becoming man is the beginning of the story that ends in my rescue! I think my favorite Christmas song is "O Come Let Us Adore Him," so I leave you with a powerful rendition of this beautiful Christmas tune:

For as long as I can remember "like a girl" has been a negative phrase.  Coaches told me not to hit the ball "like a girl."  Teachers responded to hurt feelings or tears with a warning: "don't be such a girl about it."  I've heard baseball fans heckle opposing teams with one enduring insult: "you swing like a girl!"  Boys tease other boys on the playground for being "a girl" or "a sissy" for various reasons. In short, the phrase is used to shame and minimize girls and boys alike.


Why has the description "like a girl" become a common place taunt?

What if we (as women, as men, as a society, as a human race) worked to RECLAIM the phrase? What if we make the phrase "like a girl" mean daring and courageous things?

I salute the Always company and their quest for this reclaiming.

Today calls for a little celebration!

I just turned in final grades for two of the hardest courses in the COMM program.  Two courses, in miscalculated delirium, I chose to teach simultaneously.  After endless hours of grading, final scores have been submitted to the registrar.

My next move it to jump on the couch and rock an air guitar for approximately 10 minutes.  Allow these outbursts of dance to fully communicate my excitement.

Bring on the summer! Looking forward to sunny days, pool parties, camping trips, walks with Addie dog, swim lessons with nephews, cookouts, and vacations!

Hallelujah! Summer is here!